April 13, 2016

Axis of Oversteer Porsche GT4 Attacking the SCCA Solo National Championship.

There will be an Axis of Oversteer Porsche campaigned in the SCCA Solo II National Tour and National Championships this year.  
It's the fourth Porsche for Adil Abdulali: after a Boxter S, a 997 GT3, a 991 Carrera S,  now it's time for the wicked Porsche Cayman GT4.

"In the past I have always chosen cars that were fun but not quite up to competitive snuff in their SCCA class"  said Adil  "but, I might have one now:  I believe the GT4  can take the fight to the 997 GT3, the top dog of the current Super Street class in SCCA Autocross.   Last year I campaigned an under-dog car in that class:  a 991 Carrera S which at over 3330 lbs and only able to fit 285 Bridgestones in the rear,  wasn't quite enough of a weapon.

The GT4 has the same tire issues, it runs the same sizes as the 991, but it being 250 lbs lighter and mid- engined would make it a winning package for Autocross. 

 To help the cause, I have Perry Aidelbaum and Rich Wayne, both National level competitors, co-driving to keep me honest and give the GT4 a fair outing at the big events.

Bridgestone is rumored to be coming out with a 305 size 19 inch RE71-R  by August so we won't have any excuses when it comes time for the Big One in Lincoln Nebraska."

All it needs are some Axis stickers on the side,  Go Adil, Perry and Rich.

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