February 21, 2016

Witness the greatest race car launch ever!

Witness the amazing debut of the Rover 3.9 v8 powered Tinsi-I at the Buddh International Circuit.  former home of the Indian Grand Prix.

In this age of managed PR you have to admire the frank evaluation of the "small teething issues" the Tinsi engineers experienced.

In case you missed it:

"It was not a puncture but the rear tire actually came off the rim.  The clearance between the rear right toe control rod and the rim was quite less.  While rolling the wheel with the car jacked up, the wheel did not interfere with the toe control rod.  However, when the car was driven, a compliance was induced as the tire experienced some flex due to medium rubber compound.  This compliance made the rim touch the toe control rod.  The rim got deformed and the tire came off.

On the front right wheel, there was a problem with the brake disk.   Due to a manufacturing defect in the brake disk it sheared from it's center bolts.  The broken part of the disk filed the inner part of the front right rim and thus, the whole wheel came off.

We were happy to see out suspension components were fine."

(With thanks to Bill Auberlen)

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