February 19, 2016

Let's take a lap onboard the Formula One favorite for 2016.

Much of the speculation at the end of last season and over the winter break has been of Ferrari matching Mercedes.  
It's very likely that with the SF16H the Scuderia is now on par with, and maybe even surpassed, the all conquering Mercedes W06 Lewis Hamilton  rode to victory in 2015.  

Problem is:

Mercedes has the W07 ready to go.

Here's Nico Rosberg making his way around Silverstone during a "filming day" session.

Haven't bothered much with speculation over the break: if you've been a reader long enough you know speed talks and bullshit walks and winter speculation is mostly the latter.  

Next week, testing starts in Spain and again we will be awash with predictions.

Take it with a tablespoon of salt but look at reliability runs:  Ferrari has a very different power unit layout this year.  Renault and Honda, who knows what they will do.  Toro Rosso a whole new engine to package and Red Bull is presumably running their nerds overtime to make the French lump run to their liking.

Speaking of Red Bull, wonderful "conspiracy" theory on the internet about their new "matte" livery:  It's actually an aero enhancing surface that works much like the dimples on a golf ball.  

Love it!

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