December 14, 2015

Lewis Hamilton sings on American TV

"Formula 1 needs me"  Lewis Hamilton declared  Sunday to 60 Minutes,  once America's most respected news show.

But F1 is too small to hold the talents of the British celebrity and Lewis was kind enough to share bits off of his upcoming record release, the next leg of husbanding masterplan,  soon to expand to fragrances and a home lifestyle collection.

On "J'adore",  Lewis sings a few words in French  giving him something in common with former F1 and Indycar champion Jacques Villeneuve.

The other track is  a more hard hitting, yet sensitive effort at describing the inner turmoil and complicated life of a celebrity race car driver who slept on a couch and was not raised on jets,

"I give my diamonds a zero compared to you baby".

Keep your eyes on the UK charts in 2016!

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