November 28, 2015

Rosberg takes final pole of 2015.

You might argue racing left a bit to be desired in 2015 but you cannot deny the 2015 Formula 1 cars are mighty things.

You don't think so?  Ride along with Nico Rosberg as he scores his sixth consecutive pole in Abu Dhabi, adding an exclamation point to Mercedes' almost complete domination this season.

Rosberg was almost 4/10th faster than his teammate, a huge margin considering they are in the same car.

Third place for Raikkonen who needs to end the season on a high and beat the other Finn who many had said should be in his Ferrari seat.

Ferrari needs Kimi to do well after their spectacular fail, telling Vettel to abort his  final lap in Q1 when it was obvious times were dropping like stones.   Anyone can screw up but that sort of thing looked like it had been eradicated from the Scuderia's pit wall.

Guess not,  as Lauda would say,  "it's bullshit!"

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