November 15, 2015

Rosberg frustrates Hamilton in Brazil.

In what turned out to be a rather dull race up front, Nico Rosberg capitalized on is Saturday pole performance by dominating Lewis Hamilton who, for his part, lamented overtaking was not possible at Interlagos.

After blaming his mother and a cold for his early morning Zonda crash in Monaco and skipping the traditional post qualifying photo Saturday, today the British instagram star blamed the circuit.

I guess "18 year old" Max Verstappen didn't get the message.

For the second race in row, Mercedes gave both drivers identical strategies.  Toto Wolff confirmed this was to keep the peace within the team.   Indeed  Mercedes has been consistent, always basing strategy on the driver leading and it's interesting there wasn't really that much complaining about it when Hamilton was on a winning streak.

Be that as it may,  F1 needs to stop being a strategist's world championship and get back to being a driver's championship.    Drivers should be the ones making the calls on their tire and brake wear,  those sensors hold be eliminated.   If Hamilton wanted to try a crazy strategy today as he did in Monaco, he should have been allowed to.  

Unfortunately the reality of the prize money for points scheme likely means even Mercedes cannot risk entertaining the fans beyond turn one....

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