October 18, 2015

The sound of racing.

If you are racing, you just want the fastest car and could care less how it sounds but if you are a spectator, you want cars that give you goosebumps.    You don't want to go see epee fencing, you want an orgy of 50 cal.

Over the past 100 years or so of organized motorsport, not every race car has sounded good  but those that did...oh mama!

I've gone to see racing from an early age and there's just no way around it:  sound and smell are integral parts of the experience.

LMP1 cars have sounded awful ever since  diesel and have only gotten worse with the turbo hybrids.   It's been sad to see F1 follow suit.  Hopefully the proposed modifications for 2016 will help.

If not,  there is always vintage racing to make your ears ring and fill your nostril with castor oil fumes!

Turn it up.

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