September 21, 2015

Watch Ferrari crew engage in appalling, thug-like behavior ....

Noted British scarf wearing photographer Darren Heath was first to sound the alarm:

Wow  what could have happened here....  the FIA was alerted,  letters were sent, punishment promised.

Turns out, after pulling off the biggest upset of the 2015 Formula 1 season so far, Ferrari's mechanics were a bit too enthusiastic and pushed aside some barriers and some photographers in their  desire to share in the victory celebrations.

Check out the  dastardly deeds of these "thugs".   Can you IMAGINE?   Pushing aside some of the 50 or so snappers all trying to shoot the same picture?  The nerve of these hooligan Ferrari mechanics and techs daring to get in the way, possibly ruining a certain Pulitzer prize moment.

Heath, who is a fantastic photographer of cars but whose personal work off the track is as dull, derivative and empty as his soul must be,  has been bitching about Ferrari since the first race this season in Australia.

Apparently Ferrari security had dared deny him access to the private VIP areas and he took it personally calling Ferrari management a bunch of "tobacco peddling James Bond villains".  

Clearly he's yet to get over that slight.

Thug like?  Please Darren...  Scarf don't make you Natchway.

Whiners like Heath are but one of the reasons so many think life has been sucked out of F1.    Another example?  Flag-gate.

Vettel wanted to bring a yellow Scuderia flag to wave on the podium but no,  you 'd think he threatened to brandish an AK47.

Check out how freaked out FIA/FOM personnel is.

Really F1?


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