September 29, 2015

Red Bull Logic

Red Bull wants an engine, but not any engine, they want the same exact one that will push Vettel and Raikkonen next year.

If they don't get it, they say they will quit.

Mercedes already told them where they can go, Ferrari has offered them this year's engine for next year, at a hefty price.

Perhaps the Red Bull boys should have thought this through before shitting all over Renault.  

Ecclestone got in the middle of it all saying "Ferrari is scared" of providing RBR with an equal engine.   Curiously F1's big man has not said the same of Mercedes who refused outright.  Go figure....

Red Bull are certainly in the position to hurt F1 if they pull out of the sport, but it will probably cost them more in penalties than it would to limp along for the remaining 5 years of their commitment.

It's possible Red Bull had been counting on VW-Audi to get involved though given the timeline of the Diesel-gate scandal, it's hard to imagine they must have gotten much encouragement from Ingolstadt recently.

For months there have been suggestions Red Bull might seek to buy out CVC and gain control of the commercial side of the sport.   Everything is for sale for the right price I suppose but the idea seems too incestuous even for F1.

On the other hand, Red Bull certainly know how to organize things....   except F1 engine supplies.

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