September 6, 2015

Oh brother, F1 gets it's own Deflate-gate.

Lewis Hamilton had the usual rocketship at Monza, upgraded engine and all.
Rosberg had a different car and is showed, his pace was nowhere near and eventually exploded a couple of laps from the end.

But the talk is of the pending penalty to Mercedes over tire pressures.

You can argue this until you turn blue but it should be cut and dry:  If a car was not operated within the technical regulations then it's not legal and it should be excluded.

If you argue .3 PSI makes no difference then you have to argue 2mm on a wing or .5 psi more fuel flow does not "really" make a difference.

It seems a black and white issue, at least when it comes to the starting set of option tires it really should have been resolved before the podium ceremony.

We don't know if the second set tires were within pressure specs but for sure Lewis made his tires last the longest in the first stint.   Lower pressures make tires last longer,  Lewis said as much himself after the race.  

Unfortunately the talk will be of plots and stupid rules and Pirelli being "terrible"

Did .3 psi make the difference?  Possibly not but there is no point to a rulebook if you make exceptions.

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