September 2, 2015

"Nothing will change as long as Bernie's around" Jochen Mass says F1 has lost its soul.

"There is no soul anymore"

We had a chance to ask Jochen Mass, a survivor of 114 Grand Prix in the 70s and 80s, what he thought about the current state of Formula One.  

Mass' views reflect those of many fans and racing insiders: that the formula has "lost it's way in the technical regulations since quite a long time" and that while a spectacular technological exercise it is "too complicated and people are too removed from understanding what's going on"

Mass is currently a Mercedes Benz works driver for Historic Cars and was at Lime Rock Park for this coming week end's vintage festival where he will join Sir Stirling Moss for some demo runs in some priceless Mercedes racers.

"you don't have to be a brain surgeon to find out why (Formula One) is losing appeal"

In Mass' view Formula one should become a little simpler and more "readable" for everybody.  Current F1 is "spectacular" but "there is no soul anymore"  

Mass is convinced something will happen and F1 will eventually get it right but "As long as Bernie's around it will not happen".

"It's a big international money game" concluded Mass" I wish it would happen rather sooner than later"

In other words, drop dead Bernie?

Here is the complete clip.

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