July 11, 2015

Yes, Fernando is faster than (most of) you.

Watching Fernando Alonso going from last to first in couple of laps at an arrive & drive kart track in England reminds me a bit of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer dominates the dojo.  

We are guessing this was significantly more fun for the Spanish champion than the whole F1 season with McLaren so far.  

Fernando popped in to Daytona Sandown Park for a Dmax Arrive&Drive on Monday evening (7th July 2015). On Wednesday (9th July 2015), he came back with some friends and colleagues and raced in our Dmax karts on the GP Circuit at Daytona Sandown Park.

Like any competitive F1 driver, Fernando wanted to make it on to our Superstars Board and we all watched his laptimes as he mastered the track and our high-performance Dmax karts. Immediately Fernando managed to get in to 46 seconds laptimes but it didnt take him long to drop into the 45s.

With a ten minute practice session, a ten minute qualifying race and a 15 minute Final, Fernando′s last lap of the evening was his fastest: 45.627 seconds. As a result, Fernando goes third on our all-time leaderboard, just behind Formula E driver Sam Bird (who started his kart racing career here at Daytona Sandown Park).

OK so Sam Bird knows the track like the back of his hand, but this George Turner fellow must feel pretty good about himself today


  1. Well in Massa's Kart challenge he never had luck... :D

  2. Is that Tom Kristensen at a 46.6? I would have expected a better time from Mr. LeMans. And Guy's Ritchie's 50.1. Jeez. That's gotta be dated. He must've set that time when he was tired from bangin' that old bag Madonna the night before. He was weak in the knees. He couldnt apply enough pressure to the break or throttle. He needs to revisit the track. I bet he'd beat that time today by a full two seconds.

    I've always enjoyed watching these F1 greats doing their karting. Whether it be old-school footage from their youth or recent footage when they show up at these karting events its always interesting to watch. Its as if you're watching childhood footage of Yoda while he was honing his Jedi skills as a little Jedi neophyte. Its interesting to see the journey that people make/take to get to the top of their profession. I'd love to see some old-school footage of Senna and Terry Fullerton duking it out.

  3. You have to also understand that the body mass is no the same and affect a lot in a kart.

  4. If Alonso can leave the same legacy as Kramer and Seinfeld.... Then he will be in an elite club!

    In fact if Bernie was smart he would sell re-runs of previous f1 seasons to US broadcasters that junkies like us would eat up during off season doldrums.... Some Seinfeld has mastered for years now

  5. That Tim O'Glock fellow looks pretty quick too.


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