July 24, 2015

Perez flips in Hungary,.

Checo Perez had a big scare this morning at the Hungaroring when the rear suspension of his Force India collapsed sending him spinning into the barriers.

After the first hit, one of the now loose front tires got under the car and flipped it. Perez was unharmed but Force India withdrew from the second practice session as it analyzed the causes of the failure.

Both session saw Lewis Hamilton on top and a resurgent Renault with Kvyat and Ricciardo's Red Bull's behind the Brit. Renault turned up the power and it worked... until Ricciardo's engine let go anyway.

Raikkonen was faster than Vettel who had a fairly lurid FP2.

Honda took full advantage of the extra engine they were allowed to use and Alonso was close behind Vettel' Ferrari in FP2.

1 comment:

  1. Instead of a martini, shaken not stirred,

    its a Mexican margarita, shaken not stirred.

    GO CHECO!!!! . . . and be careful gettin' on that paint!!!

    i love hungary. Its like a karting circuit for F1 cars.

    Hopefully Seb can get that last spot on the podium this weekend.


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