July 2, 2015

Lewis thinks there are too many kids and not enough gentlemen in F1

Instagram celebrity Lewis Hamilton seems unhappy with F1 ahead of the British GP.  

Complaints ranged from the bad clutch the team gave him in Austria to the lack of real gentlemen on the grid "compared to the days of Stirling Moss, when drivers had loyalty" to trophies not to his liking:

"Where's my gold cup"  said the aspiring singer who left McLaren, where

Maybe, Hamilton was in a bad mood because the just released results of the recent F1 fan survey  listed the three most popular drivers as Raikkonen, Alonso and Button.   Sorry Lewis, you're probably still #1 in Roscoe's eyes though.

While he was in the mood,   Hamilton lamented too many youngsters in F1 these days.  Perhaps Lewis is still sore Vettel took away his record as youngest ever F1 champion in 2010.

You may have heard mentioned Max Verstappen is "only 17" a few times.  Certainly you heard about his mistake in Monaco but young Max has yet to top this brilliant move.


  1. Oh dear....he's on another Hamilton rant.

  2. this was my first F1 race I attended, and to think Kimi was first out and possibly could have gone to win, but I had to watch Rober Kubica win his one and only race.

  3. LH was in a league of his own until Donald Trump joined the club recently. I understand he wants to manage himself, but he needs someone (or someone better) to handle his PR. Meaning by PR, to shut him up.

  4. Note to Lewis : Hey Lewis, go back and watch some old vids of Schumi and Senna and note how those guys comport in their public and private life. Back in the day Senna would have never allowed himself to photographed with lowbrow degenerates like the effing Kardashians in Monaco. Why? Because Senna was way more focused and determined to beat Mansell in the Williams FW14B, or putting another second up on Prost. If Lewis acted like he deserved respect - he'd get respect. The problem with all these modern sports celebrities, and Lewis is no exception, is that they all claim that they're "being themselves and expressing themselves and their individuality" through their little social media, but in reality they all just want to be David Beckham. There is absolutely nothing original about them. Its troubling that people are so desperate for approbation in such trivial ares of their life or the materialistic elements of their lifestyle. Lewis should just race...and enjoy being in the number one car right now.

    Cause give it just a little more time, Seb and Maranello are gonna surpass him soon enough!!!

  5. Lewis needs to be pointing the finger at himself and his childish ways. Could you ever imagine Prost hitting Senna, with Ayrton crying on the radio, "Alain hit me, Alain hit me!"

  6. Keep in mind that he's contracted to have these public outings and appearances. It's not like he's developed this attitude fully of his own accord, being forced to slather a fake smile on and repeat for the millionth time some BS about how hard the team is working back at the factory (yes, we know, there's a fully built car sitting in your garage stall, someone had to put the thing together) and how much they adore their fans at whatever track they're at.

    He's been told he's one of the best. He's PROVEN he's one of the best. It's not just an image thing, and oh yeah, he's baller rich, so why not enjoy it? I don't get the complaints from him either, but it's not happening in a vacuum.

  7. I'm guessing his new contract allows him to do pretty much anything he wants, that's why he disappeared to the US after Monaco and "some have said) was not in contact with the team. Same with the test in Austria he skipped. If you go from his Instagram feed, these are not sponsor events, just stuff he wants to go to, clothes he want s to model :)

  8. Let's be honest... Yes, I can imagine Senna doing that. He wasn't really the perfect racing god everyone makes him out to be, he had flaws, he complained when things didn't go his way and made up excuses when he was called out on his dirty racing.


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