July 21, 2015

F1 gathers to to bid Jules Bianchi farewell.

The funeral for Jules Bianchi took place today in Nice.

Present at the function were many in the F1 community, past an present,  gathered to pay their respects to the Frenchman who passed away last Friday,  nine months after his accident at the Japanese GP and to be close to the Bianchi family.

Vettel, Grosjean and Sutil

Lewis Hamilton

Felipe Massa and Jean Eric Vergne
Verne with Bianchi's father, Philippe

After the service, a toast to Jules and off to Budapest for the Hungarian GP.


  1. Very sad circumstances, but extremely uplifting to see the F1 community come together during this time.

  2. Very much so, I'm a little taken aback not to see Fernando and Kimi but perhaps they were not photographed

  3. fernando did not. from what i read he is devastated n so could not attend, understandable considering how close he was to jules.

  4. Man that shot with Vergne with his head down says it all. Definitely and warm and fitting ceremony for the man!

    Respect Always.

    RIP Jules!!!

  5. I will suggest for you guys to hear Max Chilton interview, evidently Jules was someone that will be missed in the F1 community.


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