July 26, 2015

2015 Hungarian GP: Red Win, Blue Mercs.

Remember everyone, F1 is really boring and nothing ever happens, especially in Hungary.


For the second year in a row the Hungaroring serves up an exciting race.

(Photos: Ferrari)

Brilliant start from both Ferraris,   the Scuderia is crazy to think they can have a better pair next year than one racing today.

But, Kimi's bad luck has been remarkable this season.   It likely he and Nico are out drinking together tonight.

This was Sebastian Vettel's week end:

A lousy Friday he stays until late working with his mechanics,
Turns it around in qualifying,
Against all odds, wins the race,
Ties Ayrton Senna  at 41 GP wins but does so with 13 less starts.
After the checkered flag, radios team in 3 languages dedicating the win to Jules Bianchi.

That's why he gets paid the big bucks.

Ferrari's hopes were almost shattered when Hunkenberg's front wing exploded on the front straight bringing out the Safety Car.  Second structural failure for that team over one week end.

Photo Flickr

At the opposite end of the spectrum, the luckiest driver of the day:  Lewis Hamilton.

The Instagram fashionista was maybe overconfident after his dominating qualifying session.  Sunday, he literally drove like an ass, starting from whining about Rosberg taking away his line all the way to his using Ricciardo as a bumper.   He can thank his lucky stars and others bad luck for a rather undeserved P6 finish.

Perhaps Lewis should stop having his picture taken in his underwear,  skip tests for Pharrell concerts  and do a bit more work over the break,  if he wants to make sure to seal the deal.

After the race Adrian Newey and Christian Horner were taking his all the credit for Red Bull's double podium giving Renault zero credit.   It's getting harder and harder to see those two sharing a car next year.

Ricciardo must have gotten coached by Kamui Kobayashi with that dive bomb into turn 1 on Rosberg.   He was behind at the exit so it was probably up to him to lift.   Again, Nico must be getting drunk with Kimi.

Mclaren with two cars in the points?  A miracle on the Danube!


  1. Folks you gotta admit - When the Mercs falter, Seb is right there to kick'em in the ass! It was great to see Kvyat beat Danny Smiley to second place. Verstappen in fourth! And even Alonso showed out coming home 5th beating his for years now much over-hyped teammate Button. If Button weren't British, the guys career would have been over five years ago. For Alonso it just goes to show, you change your girlfriend off the track, you change your fortunes on the track. That new "Spanish Fly" seems to be paying dividends for El Conquistador. Its time to pop the cap off another Birra Moretti tonight in celebration. Where would motor racing be without those splendid red cars?!!!!

    GO SEB!!!

  2. Hamilton's impatience, Riccardo's desperate lunge and the amount of contact in general highlights what is wrong with F1 today. Can't overtake and after a few laps behind your tyres are destroyed. The powers that be have shown they are unwilling or unable to fix.

    Hamilton was bloody lucky today, not the first time his impatience has cost him. He knows it too, apologizing to the team over the radio.

    Conversely, Rosberg's over caution cost him. Had he had raced instead of driving to cover Hamilton likely Riccardo would not have been in a position to challenge him. This mindset is perhaps why he will never be world champion. Rosberg was also off pace this weekend. If Hamilton had not have screwed up the start his pace indicates he would have took more of the fight to Vettel.

    Neither Mercedes driver deserved a win today, Vettel's victory was well earned.

  3. Wow, Maldonado was in rare form today. If Renault does buy the team, I hope they have enough funds to avoid using embarrassing pay drivers.

  4. "Instagram fashionista." Hahaha.....this guy! Still leaves with a 21 point advantage. Eat your hearts out!!! :) Racing can be messy somethings. You just have to make the best of it. Sadly that sort of logic does not come through when regarding ole Lewis Hamilton. Enjoy the Ferrari victory. I'll enjoy the Hamilton victory as he was able to extend his lead despite his poor performance. He fought to make the best of a bad situation and came away at the top with a bit of luck. Good thing Ricciardo was out there dive bombing and throwing caution to the wind even when racing title contenders.

  5. Winning is never about who deserved it. This is motor racing. Come to grips with that son.

  6. He may have made the best of a bad situation once he ended up near the back of the field, but a champion doesn't have to sound like a whiny bitch in the process blaming everyone else for his situation. I have a hard time supporting someone who doesn't think their own shit stinks.

  7. Yep great summary , covers all the talking points for me, except I did not understand why Nico was not prepared to fight for victory.....?? Cant believe he was that far off pace, but then again we rarely see the Ferraris in clean air, or the Merc's in bad air ...

    Sorry but for good or bad .... I do like Ham's never give up fight mentality... Albeit today , perhaps a lap to settle might have been good. Sure messed it up today

  8. Is good to see HAM back into the old habits.

    Real shame for Kimi... and to me is Ricciardo fault that Rosberg got the puncture but I guess there is other to see that.

    Seb did everything perfect and I think he deserve it.

  9. Blaming everyone else? Sure he said Rosberg cut him off, but he took full responsibility for all the other incidents and even apologized to the team during the race for everything that's happened. You only see what you want to see.


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