June 15, 2015

Le Mans Legends

Photo: Philippe Pouvreau/Flickr

The 24 hour race was not the only event at the Circuit the la Sartre this past week end.

Hard to argue with a bunch of GT40s, Cobras, Jaguars, Alpine, Austin Healeys, Lotus even a Mercedes sedan, roaring down Mulsanne,  sliding their way around the chicanes.

Unfortunately an Aston Martin DP214 spewed a truly epic among to oil, its driver seemingly going for the world record for speedy dry stripe lenght and the race ended under yellow.

The winner was the number 12 GT40 of Bernard Thuner and Claude Nahum. Full results HERE

This second clip had much better picture quality and Spanish commentary.

 Fast forward to 10 min:30 secs for the race start.

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  1. This really needs to be a 6 hour race, like at Spa.


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