June 24, 2015

Here comes Alfa Romeo to shake things up.

It's a bit 3 Series and bit A4 but it's lighter and more powerful than either and promises to add  that certain extra spice that's missing from the Germans.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia has a lot to live up to and a huge mountain to climb, especially in overcoming negative perceptions in the US market.  

The Quadrifoglio Verde top spec does  tick all the right enthusiast  boxes: Low weight in its class,  500 hp +, RWD, Carbon Brakes, Carbon body parts, active aero and torque vectoring and looks the part but it will have to be priced right to steal buyers away from M3 and C63.

Hopefully FCA will get that right and make sure they can offer a dealer experience on par with BMW and MB again crucial.    That said,  if you are a true enthusiast you should cheer for Alfa, competition can only be a good thing in the segment.  

And look at it, it's gorgeous!

...can you imagine the racing version of this thing?   Oh baby!


  1. OK, it's winning me over. But I can't shake the "it's an Alfa" worries. Not to mention in Australia it will be ridiculously expensive and have woeful dealer/warranty support. But as much power as my E60 M5 and with added lightness, and who cares if it's got some stolen design cues, it does look stunning.

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  3. It has it's allure, no doubt. I'll have to wait and see if this one will overcome the issues with the cheap, plasticy interior and fit and finish problems that affect the 6C.


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