May 12, 2015

This is Alfa Romeo's 3-Series fighter

Italy's oldest auto industry magazine thinks so anyway.  

Quattroruote has been digging through Alfa's unprecedented level of secrecy and security and they are pretty sure they got it right.

The car  is slated to be revealed in June this year, 105 years since the founding of Alfa Romeo and will be available to sometime in 2016.  

The name remains a mystery,   will it carry the historic Giulia moniker or will it be something else?   FCA is not talking but what is know is that the BMW 3 series sized sedans, code named 952, will be rear wheel drive and have a longitudinally mounted engine.  The new from scratch platform has been developed in a secret building right next to Maserati Corse in Modena.

Power will vary for all the various market needs, from a 180 hp 2 liter Multi Air direct injection turbo all the way to a 400+hp Ferrari derived 2.9 liter Turbo V6.

There will be AWD variants and both 6 speed manuals and 8 speed automatics.

Alfa Usa's Reid Bigland promises performance in line with offerings from BMW and Mercedes,  "actually, some versions will be better than what they have on the market today".

Mark June 24th on your calendar, let's see if Alfa Romeo is really back!


  1. Sounds good but I'll believe it when I see it on the dealership floor.

  2. F1 has developed too much of a reliance on aero grip (downforce). Cup cars rely predominantly mechanical grip (tires). In F1 we see tires destroyed in close racing because when the trailing car loses its aero grip, it has to overwork its mechanical grip (aka tires) in an effort to maintain pace with the lead car which has full aero and mechanical grip at its disposal.

    Bottom line, strip the aero out of F1 and we would have much closer racing, assuming everyone had similar HP at their disposal.

  3. Excellent racing. That video sums up why I love sportscar racing, just great battles.

    I saw it was 30 minutes long and I was like "I'll just watch the start" and then it was 30 minutes later.

  4. It sound and look good, but let see if it brakes after 6 months on the street.

  5. Mama Mia! That's a spicy meat-a-ball!

  6. Take a look..


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