May 6, 2015

No, Lewis Hamilton is not going to Ferrari.

Lewis in Red

It all started with Mr. E, the "good little dictator" as Flavio Flav called him this week, dictating to journalists recently that a Lewis in Red would be "great for the sport".   Maybe because headlines are easier than what would really be great for the sport.

It is true that Hamilton has yet to sign the new contract with Mercedes.  He now, as Vettel has been doing for years, negotiates his own deals and  contracts consist of a lot of pages Lewis has no time to read... because he's been very busy.

Indeed Hamilton has been quite busy since the last race in China, first showing the world he cares by showcasing his early morning stuff.
Then  Captain Morganing his Cobra in Malibu.  Modeling  hats, getting his Beeb on and showing up at the Party of the Year in NYC where, ironically, Axis ran into him (we were nice, as was he).

Contract signing keeps getting postponed.

There is no doubt Hamilton has spoken with the Scuderia.  If it's true he bought a LaFerrari, you can be sure that at the very least someone from the Gestione Sportiva stopped by the delivery area at Maranello to have chat.

But, while Ferrari may be extravagant in their promise to match Mercedes investments, they are not insane:  the most valuable commodity they got switching Vettel for Alonso is a the absence of drama.   Pairing Lewis with Seb would be suicidally insane at this stage.

If any discussion was ongoing, Maurizio Arrivabene put the kibosh on it yesterday stating Ferrari does not need Hamilton at the moment and  has signed a pre-contract with Valtteri Bottas.

You could very well imagine Mercedes management had a behind the scene hand in this:  Bottas is tied to Toto Wolff who perhaps traded a public statement from Arrivabene for a future Finn in case the current Finn loses interest or demands too much money.

Where does that leave Lewis?   Certainly delaying keeps Mercedes on their toes and any possible advantage in his corner even as he claims he does not demand #1 status.  It's a tactic which has little chance of backfiring.

If you want to get all conspiratorial you might imagine his long term plan might be to return, triumphantly, to McHonda and win his fourth Championship in a white and red car, wearing a yellow and blue helmet.

Certainly, he wants to get paid as much money as Vettel and Alonso are getting, which I suppose he deserves.


  1. Little chance of backfiring? I know he's got some points in the bag but a few bad races or a DNF could quickly change the landscape here. If SF and Vettel keep apace on improvements there could still be a decent fight left this season (and that Nico guy, something there...).

    Seems like a 2-year deal would be prudent atm. If this season continues well for him he'll have another title with (likely) great chances for another next year, when it is time to start looking again, and he can ask for an aggressive amount of bonus riders. Smart money is staying with the arrows for the re-up, feeling out the possible/constantly speculated formula changes.

    Then again, I'm not privy to the thinking of millionaire F1 drivers as much as I'd like so there might be other factors at play, lol. Maybe he just likes the leather in the La Ferrari better.

  2. Goes to show money does buy championships but not how to dress.

  3. I mean he can afford to yank Merc's chain (or coin purse) because what's Merc going to do. I mean they could make Alonso's dreams come true I suppose, which would be hilarious.

  4. I thought this was a motorsports site? AC, we know you have this insatiable appetite to make fun of Hamilton or embarrass him. The truth is we don't care about what he does out of the F1 arena. Can you please leave the tabloid stuff to the tabloids. Leave that to TMZ or whatever the European version of it is please.

    We know you have an agenda, otherwise posting pictures of a dude in his underwear, shirtless etc would be totally irrelevant when you're talking about his future contract or eventual move to Ferrari...but go ahead and continue trying to pull the wool over our eyes. All we care about is #44 Mercedes driver and current world champion, Lewis Hamilton. Seriously how does a motorsports blogger even find pictures like that? Tell the truth AC, are you obsessed with Hamilton???

  5. I agree Scott. I agree. I still can't get over the picture that Lewis put on his Instagram page - the one where he's standing on the balcony at his place on Monaco where it looks like he stuffed one of Roscoe's chew-toys down the front of his undies. I just don't know about Lewis. The next thing you know we're gonna hear that Lewis has become besties with Brett Favre and all they do is talk about photography together.

    Damn, all I know is, it feels good that Ferrari is back - and Alonso is not sucking hind tit!!!!

  6. How soon before he starts going batshit crazy like Michael Jackson?

  7. Too funny!! Roscoe's chew toy!!! Alonso is kicking himself in the nads! Sad.

  8. You know, in every one of these photos he looks lonely. Does he have any real friends?


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