May 21, 2015

Hamilton really, really wants to win in Monaco.

Of course everyone wants to win in Monaco because it's like Wimbledon: a step above the rest in prestige.

But Lewis, let's be honest, has not been very good on the streets of the Principality.

OK, he won it once, with a bit of luck, but so did Jarno Trulli and Olivier Panis...  

Senna won it 5 times in a row and,  awkwardly, it's Rosberg who's poised to be the first man since Ayrton to have three wins in a row.   That would make Lewis very unhappy.

Then there is the matter of last year and Qualifygate.

Was Nico that fiendishly clever to formulate and execute the plan to bring out a yellow flag in the closing lap of qualifying?

I still don't buy it and Hamilton, when asked, said he does not think about it anymore.  I don't buy that either.   He will have his revenge.

Whatever his plan is, it better work, otherwise I'm sure Lewis will become unhinged with much drama to follow.

The race in Monaco is won, 99% of the time, in qualifying on Saturday.  In practice today, Hamilton got on with it topping both sessions confidently.  

It was an odd practice day however:   Rain came and went, it was cold and teams never got around to completing their regular programs, nobody ran on the Super Soft Pirelli. (results HERE)

Saturday morning's practice session will be crucial  as so little was accomplished today.

Let's hope Nico can beat Lewis again, if anything because the ensuing drama would make the rest of the season much more interesting to follow.


  1. Last year there was a lot more tension as the two Merc drivers battled for de facto #1 status in the team and what would ultimately be their WDC. This year the pressure seems to be off Lewis and it seems to be helping him dominate Nico, although Spain showed us that it's not over.

    Lewis was on a faster lap last year when the Nico incident happened, so it made for more drama/conspiracy. Had he been slower, I think it would have been a non-issue.

    Of course, Lewis would like nothing more than to emulate Senna with 3 championships - which he in all likelihood will do - but he also wants to emulate Senna's domination of Monaco, which he has not done by any means.

  2. Its good to see Lewis get his big phat Merc deal signed so he can stay on the podium for the foreseeable future. Maybe with the stress of his "New Deal" behind he can focus this weekend getting to the top step at the end of the race. Monaco is everything. I'd rather finish in last place in Monaco than win the Indy 500 any day.

    By the way, this may sound childish and stupid, but are there any Formula 1 fiends out there who have a clue as to what Lewis is trying to do with his new hair-do? cause I don't know. Personally I think he's trying to channel Little Richard. Maybe that's why he had that picture taken wearing his undies on his balcony in Monaco. He was sending out a symbolic shout out to either Little Richard, or The Little Engine That Could!!!!

    GO LEWIS - CRUSH NICO THIS WEEKEND!!! And I hope BOTH Ferrari's lap Alonso this weekend!!!

  3. I'll have to root for Nico over Hair Club for Men. Just for variety's sake! :)

  4. 'Taint bragging if you're doing.

    Then again, a Nico triumph here will make for more entertaining banter among the analysts and gossipmongers.
    By season's end, Lewis could end up breaking Seb's consecutive victory count, or Seb could help Lewis win by taking points from Nico, but it will be much more interesting if Lewis loses to Nico this week.

  5. What's the weather forecast? Bottas?


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