May 4, 2015

Face it, rally is just like NASCAR

the only time you really pay attention is when there is some insane crash video like this one where Yoan Droumenq's Citroen C2 met with a medium sized tree at the recent Rally Ronde de La Durance.

Droumenq and co-driver  Gabriel Durend were beyond lucky:  the car flips in the air and hits the tree with full force, completely crushing the rear of the car,  the tree did not so much as shake.   50 cm forward and it's not clear the two would have been able to walk away.

Ooh la la indeed.

So that makes the news but in reality most cars managed to negotiate those tricky switch backs... even if just,  much to the delight of the crowd.


  1. ⊥ᵒᵚ Cᵸᵎᶺᵋ⤷╨ᵒᵘMonday, May 04, 2015 4:32:00 PM

    Of course the rear is so crushed. No roll cage. '50 cm forward' is rather a lot of steel. Also looks like most of the forward momentum was absorbed by the primary impact which took out the front crash structures.

  2. I'm putting my money on that the crew would rather have the tree smash the back than them testing the integrity of their top loop! :)

  3. You could be right. You could be right. What NASCAR is to America, Rally could be to Europe. So who in rallying is the equivalent of Dick Trickle?

    At least rally drivers have real skill. They don't just spend all afternoon turning left. I don't pay much attention to NASCAR, but it does seem like since their attendance and tv rating are in the toilet, is it just me or does anyone else thinks NASCAR's rigged? Kinda like professional wrestling here in the states.

  4. No, not comparing the actual racing but that vast majority only tune in to watch crash reels.

  5. I have to say... I love WEC this year.

    Toyota needs to improve a bit so we have the 3 with a real chance of battle.
    Porsche flies on the straight, the Audi is the reb bull, it looks like it's glue to the ground.

    It will be nice to see how the nissan will perform in the lemans.



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