May 15, 2015

F1 proposes to cut costs with refueling and faster cars.

The Formula One Strategy Group has been meeting to propose changes aimed at ensuring the sport's future sustainability in the face of crushing costs and fan grumbling.

This is what they have come up with:

"The Formula One Strategy Group met yesterday in Biggin Hill to exchange views on the current challenges that F1 faces. Besides the statuary members of the Group, representatives of the engine manufacturers were also invited.

The Strategy Group members have debated a number of levers aimed at improving the show. An initial series of measures has been voted:

For 2016:
– Free choice of the two dry tyre compounds (out of four) that each team can use during the race weekend
For 2017:
– Faster cars: 5 to 6 seconds drop in lap times through aerodynamic rules evolution, wider tyres and reduction of car weight
– Reintroduction of refueling (maintaining a maximum race fuel allowance)
– Higher revving engines and increased noise
– More aggressive looks

A few other measures have also been discussed but require further investigation before they can be implemented:
– A global reflection on race weekend format
– Measures to make starts only activated by the driver without any outside assistance

Furthermore, in light of the various scenarios presented by the independent consulting company mandated by the F1 Strategy Group, at the initiative of the FIA, to work on the reduction of costs and following a constructive exchange, a comprehensive proposal to ensure the sustainability of the sport has emerged.

The Strategy Group member Teams have committed to refine it in the next few weeks, in consultation with the other teams involved in the championship. On the engine side, it has been decided that stability of the rules should prevail in consideration of the investments of the manufacturers involved in the sport and to give visibility to potential new entrants. The allowance for a 5th engine to be used during the 2015 season has been rejected.

This constructive meeting between the FIA, FOM and the Teams has allowed paving the way for the future of the championship. All parties agreed to work together with an intention to firm up these proposals and submit them to the approval of the F1 Commission and the World Motor Sport Council of the FIA as soon as possible for implementation."

The idea of cost reduction and the re-fuelling seems typically F1 nutty as does making Pirelli offer all four tire compounds for every race, but what are your thoughts?


  1. I understand the cost aspect, but I've always thought it would be interesting to allow teams to choose their own compounds for race weekends. However if you reintroduce fueling that changes the equation. The FIA will surely change the fuel limit and then it minimizes the effect the tires will have on long vs short run options, similar to the stupid regulation of 15,000 rpm engines with fuel flow limits....then complain because the cars are slow and quiet. I'll say that I've enjoyed the new engines but always had the opinion that if you want to highlight the hybrid system then let the engineers loose on fuel flow with the same fuel capacity as they have now and you will really see the recovery and kinetic systems come to the front, with the side effect of higher rpms equating to louder engines

  2. I'm happy that they're bringing back refueling, even if it reduces overtaking somewhat. Now they will be able to have tires that they can push hard through the stint on and still have to pit. My favorite part of F1 is watching these guys drive, and I usually look at the onboards more than the main feed, so if these rule changes mean they'll be going for it all race rather than cruising around saving tires, I'm all for it.

  3. The problem is down force.
    Limiting the amount has failed; the teams just throw money at the rules until they have more than the others.
    There must be ONE part of the vehicle that could be sized to make more than X amount of down-force counter productive. It could be as simple as limit on the load capacity of the springs combined with a minimum travel (there must be better solutions). If the car has too much down force, it goes too low, fuel gets limited.

    The lower you go, the lower the fuel flow.

  4. It says password required.

  5. for once i loved all the changes proposed. People are exaggerating safety issues of re-fueling, other series never had issues with it, it was banned for cost issues, but in actuality it spoiled the races IMO, it will bring in so many strategies in play it is definitely going to be fun. If they want they can standardize equipment to reduce costs and improve safety , it is going to be great!!

  6. I have to say... the cost for "top tier" formula will be always be high.
    If you want reduce cost... forget about factory cars and make a stock formula.

    To me.. they need to make the formula open for development, maybe look at WEC?
    Right now is all so regulated to win a millisecond you need to invest so much in money in aero investigation that is ridiculous.

    If you leave it open you give the possibility for someone to find a performance where millions of dollars did not look.

  7. That Felipe fiasco is the primary reason Lewis Hamilton won that first championship.
    Ferrari let him down with another engine failure and Lewis was lucky to pass Timo at that last corner to gain the place for his points finish.

    But most F1 fans only remember Felipe for getting hit in the face with that spring and going slower than Fernando.

  8. The Formula One Strategy Group did not meet at Biggin Hill, they met at BENNY HILL. As in Benny Hill the legendary British comedian. Refueling is a joke. We've been there done that and we've seen how worthless it is. People need to just use their brains and open their eyes and think and just look at history. I could be wrong but if f I remember correctly we didn't have refueling in the 80's and it was the greatest most competitive time in F1 history.

    Folks we're letting an extremely small group of people destroy our sport. Formula One, without doubt the greatest sport in the history of mankind is being destroyed by a group of imbeciles. I think these people want to change all this stuff cause it simply gives them something to do. It has nothing to do with making F1 the best it can be. Its just stuff people are doing to kill some time. I just hope tv viewership and attendance at the races continues to dwindle.

    Remember - all the best F1 is no longer on your tv, its on your computer with YouTube and Vimeo. Thank goodness we can watch it and enjoy real Formula One from the 70's, 80's, and early 90's and not this nonsensical pantywaist pro-environmental hodgepodge that its become.

  9. It says password required..?

  10. To truly push hard, they'd need to go back to a new engine and gearbox every race weekend. Tyres and fuel are just parts of it. But they won't do that because it's expensive and not sustainable.

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  12. The biggest problem as I see it is that we no longer refer to engines, instead they are now called "power units".
    Get rid of all this KERS crap, remove fuel limits, allow constructor's choice of 1.5 L turbo or 3-3.5 L normally aspirated engines with as many cylinders as they want. Let the teams have ten engines per season and allow them more track testing time.


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