April 12, 2015

The sickening sound of a Renault F1 engine self-destructing

Painful, isn't it?

The Renault at the back of Max Verstappen's Toro Rosso exploded with four laps to go in the Chinese Grand Prix,  the second engine related retirement in three races for Verstappen ruining another impressive performance by the 17 year old.

Hope Cyril Abiteboul packed his boxing gloves for China too...

Adding injury to insult,  the Toro Rosso crew had to endure a less than white glove treatment from the track marshals who kept smashing their expensive front wing into a wall...  not their exasperated expressions.     Amazing the same series that races in Monaco where every station has a dolly jack for sliding cars could not get their shit together in China and forced the race to finish under yellow.



  1. They are so many around, why don't they just lift a bit the car by hand ? The front should be less than 200kg, gas were soon empty, pilot isn't inside the car, what a mess !

  2. Pretty embarrassing. All they had to do was back the car up a few feet so they could swing out a few more feet to get a more direct angle into the paddock.

    Anyway, great job Lewis and Seb. Even though I think the Nico drama is fabricated publicity for the sake of trying to keep the public interested in the 2015 F1 season I do think Nico is starting to sweat a bit. He's clearly not as quick as Lewis this season nor has he ever been. Deep down Nico knows this, but I get the feeling that who he really fears is Seb. As the season progresses I get the feeling Nico knows Seb is gonna gradually eat his lunch. Its as if Nico is one the last two remaining chicks in a horror movie. He's not gonna be the one that makes is out alive, he's the other one. He's the one that gets it. He senses that Michael Myers or Jason are on his heals. Nico needs to relax and enjoy his predicament. There's nothing wrong with being his generations Gerhard Berger or David Coulthard. You get the opportunity to race at the front and pick up the occasional win and you also the opportunity to make some bright and shiny coin for a while. Nothin' wrong with that! Nico needs to relax. He's gonna need all his energy and focus to keep Seb at bay.

  3. The sound of the valves... just hurts.
    Still I think Renault will came back.. If I'm STR I would stay with them.

    RBR should go to Honda... I think


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