April 25, 2015

It's no chicane time at Monza.

Every year, around this time, teams will hire the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza for some special high speed testing ahead of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Check out the 2015 AUDI R18 E-TRON Quattro woosh around the Curva Biassono at the end of the main straight.    The chicane is not used and the car turns in flat after accelerating all the way from the apex of Parabolica, the only thing slowing it the scrub of its tires.

Yes, the sound is awful but that's  220 mph +  around a flat corner!



  1. That has to be the hardest part about driving these cars - going against every instinct and keeping your foot in it. All the way in it.
    How many g's do you think they pull?

  2. Too much speed for me. More G's than Kenny.

  3. I have to say.. yeah the sound is not great but man the tech and the speeds these cars have to race for 24hs flatout is impresive.

    On the Silverstone transmition one of the commentators said, yeah the Audi has the worst "sound" but when you are close the track and pass at the speeds it goes it looks and sound like fighter jets flying low.

    The 919 4 Cyl does not sound as bad as the f1.. and basically is the same tech.

    The best one is the Toyota with the super caps.

    On the first one you can hear the porsche and the a few seconds the Audi passing him... hear the blower and the valves of the diesel!


    On the second one... well orgasimic 1992 pure speed and sound...rewind it if you want to see the full doc.. specially what Jeff has to say at 1:34.... maybe sound familiar of today's F1.


  4. Now that Piech is out, you might be hearing other Audi engines at Monza in a couple of years.

  5. I always thought that chicane would be really cool if it was a mirrored chicane. That would give a following driver the choice of breaking deeper into the opposite side and making a pass.

  6. Measuring the radius on Google Earth I get roughly 1,025 to 1,075 feet. Using 220 mph and the formula v^2/r = acceleration I get ~ 3.01 to 3.15 g

  7. 3 g's continuously. Yikes. Given a big enough radius one wonders just how fast these cars could go in a circle, lol. Let's see them hit the banking at Talledega for a few laps eh?


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