March 14, 2015

The return of RonSpeak

If RonSpeak is defined as a manner of constructing sentences such as to make a point yet obfuscate what you are saying in a giant word cloud then, here is the master back at work.

Dennis if fairly clear when he says McLaren switched to Honda because it felt Mercedes was passing inferior equipment.   What is slightly harder to swallow is his assertion that they are slow because they are being extra cautious.

Six seconds a lap worth of cautious?  Yeah, tough sell but that's where RonSpeak comes in....

Check out these RonSpeak examples from 2009


  1. Thanks! I was not able to find it!

  2. My favorite quote from Ron was back in the late 80's. To group of collected journalists he emphatically declared, "At McLaren we make history. And you people just write about it." And its as true today as it was back then. I feel sorry for Ron and McLaren. The man looks truly baffled and bamboozled. You can tell he really is at a loss for words.

    The AP is also reporting a medical incident regarding Fernando Alonso earlier in the day. That's right. In an outburst of extreme frustration over his choosing to join McLaren, earlier today Fernando suffered a second concussion trying to tackle his jumbo-sized Sub Zero refrigerator. The result was Refrigerator 1, Spaniard 0. When he finally woke from his stupor Fernando repeatedly asked the question, "Lewis, Lewis, is that you?" - he thought he was back in 2007 - when Lewis Hamilton ate his lunch at McLaren!!!


  3. In a very cryptic way he made some sense. You need track time. It's pointless to go on track and have the power unit break down on lap 3 or 4. It's not like if they go 100% power they could challenge for the win, or best-of-the-rest 3rd place. And JB just made the best of that taking home 56 precious laps of running. It was finally clear the car can corner at around the same speeds as midfielders so far, and has room to improve. That could not happen unless they did this. Also they now know how the components that suffered the most in the power unit and parameters that work better, and can now improve on them and maybe dial a bit more power into it right on the next race. And so forth.
    But yeah... hard to grasp what's he going on about.


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