March 22, 2015

LaFerrari, she's a tricky beast in the wet.

GFWilliams Photography/Facebook

Certainly in the wet, ...and at Spa.

But who would be crazy enough to drive a LaFerrari in the wet on such a difficult track?    Don't Ferrari drivers just show up and hang out in the parking lot talking?

Not our tire shredding,  oversteer loving Italian friend.

I can imagine the clenching his insurance agent must feel watching this. That moment at Raidillon around the 6:30 mark...that catch though,  was almost Alonso-esque!

Speaking of oversteer,  the big Fezza seem to get real twitchy under braking, like the business end of the Ferrari wanted to come around.  Perhaps M. had a little too much fun lighting up the rears?
He almost loses it at T14 but keeps it off the gravel, just.

The insurance agent breathes a sigh of relief but his passenger had enough though.

Let me translate from Italian sign language:

Pass:  Let's go in
M.:   What, you scared?
Pass. No, it's the Belgian food

Legend...  you don't think he would be crazy enough to take laFerrari to the Nürburgring you?

BTW,   in the dry LaFerrari looks to be quicker than a Porsche 918 Spyder but in the damp tight corners the Porsche's 4wd system just blows the Ferrari away.


  1. fyi it's the 918 spyder, and the food is great in Belgium.
    A belgian follower of your blog ; )

  2. How did I type 915 I'll never know :) I know Belgian food is good but, you gotta make comedy somehow !


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