March 27, 2015


You'll remember how, after the Australian GP in Melbourne two weeks ago, Red Bull was telling everyone who would listen how they might quit F1 if there was no engine equalization, if wind tunnels were not eliminated and god knows what else...

At the same time Renault was making its displeasure at being used as a punching bag by Red Bull. crystal clear.

No surprise this week end's team manager presser was a rather joyless affair, especially when both Christian Horner and Cyril Abiteboul tried to walk back their earlier comments.

Here is Horner:

now Abitboul's turn

Of course, don't believe for a moment Renault is not considering options

There was also some interesting discussion of F1 income redistribution...

and someone tried to trap Horner in the current rumor that has Red Bull buying F1

Ah the art of saying things without saying anything, or is it denying while telling a lot?

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  1. I'm not intimate enough to know the gentleman's precise function, but what you are referring to might be more correct if you were referring to Andy Wilman, the executive producer of the show. Clarkson is, well, was, not just the "talent" but also a co-creator of the show's latest format so he certainly was not there at anyone's behest. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong but Mr.Tymon was a producer/coordinator, in TV production 101, one of the guys in charge of organizing things and making them happen. None of this excuses JC's tirade but as many have said, unfortunate they could not find a way to work it out without blowing everything up.


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