March 26, 2015

Alonso and McLaren, they both can't be right about the accident.

More drama in F1 ahead of the Malaysian GP as Alonso's version of events just raises more questions.

Fernando Alonso,  asked about his testing accident during the FIA Thursday press conference, flat out contradicted his team's version of events.  

After the crash, McLaren blamed a sudden gust of wind, something that was ridiculed by everyone but the most rabid McLarenistas.

"...even a hurricane would not move the car at that speed. Also if you have any problem, medical issue, normally you will lose power and go straight to the outside, never to the inside."

said Fernando adding:

"...It's clear that there was a problem in the car. It's not found on the data at the moment."

but at the same time Alonso said he

 "fully trust(s) the team. They have been one month looking at every single component on the car, doing so many tests, changing every single part which they had some doubts about."

The situation in a very odd one.  Does anyone really believe McLaren is not fully aware if the steering had locked, as Alonso claims, causing the accident?

Where is the video? Why are versions of event during and after the accident so different when told by Alonso, McLaren and emergency personnel?

We hope Alonso is as fine as he claims to be and can add some much needed spice to the race this week end, we are not sure the relationship with McLaren is necessarily off to the best of starts.

You can read the full transcript of Alonso's Press conference answers HERE


  1. "Jenson Fernando is faster than you. Please let him past into tenth position to maximize the teams points."

  2. Maybe both Macs will finish this time... Which will still be an improvement.

  3. This is just classic fuckassery. Ol' Ron and his team trying desperately to whitewash their fairly serious issues (gotta look good for those shareholders) and Alonso is Alonso, never one be too shy and certainly mindful of his first stint with McLaren.

    If they'd just be honest and release, I dunno...any of the crash related data, they wouldn't be in this mess. The medical info on Fernando, I can see why they'd keep that mostly private, but concealing the cause and essentially lying about the details is just stupid. The outlines of the truth are easier to see as they throw more shade on it.

  4. Exactly! Where is the video? If Ron and his boys have nothing to hide just simply release the video to the press.

    But they won't.

    Does anyone have any early thoughts on the new little McLaren that's going to debut at the NY Auto Show nexrt week? I'm think once again McLaren is gonna drop the ball. Whether it be design or engineering, I think you gotta still go with the 911 Turbo S.

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