February 19, 2015

Porsche Turbo S, Ferrari FF or Audi RS6: Which is fastest on snow?

Honestly, who cares, does it matter? Enjoy the slidy bits!

Manu, who made this clip says:

"I made this video in a private test track, It doesn't show which car is faster but just some laptimes made by me. All cars had Pirelli Sottozero.
This ice track is http://www.snowice.it/


  1. Surprised by the large time difference! Just by looking at the Video the Ferrari looked certainly the most fun (would have been my pick, and the Audi boring as hell)! Maybe too much RWD bias on the FF?. Clearly, Fun vs Effective might not go together when the going gets slippery

  2. I think it was not especially scientific, fun as hell though! :)

  3. Porsche with the roof down ?


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