February 2, 2015

Another sad day fro Formula 1: No German GP in 2015

Mercedes triumphed in 2014.  A German driver won four of the last five championships yet the German Grand Prix, held in the F1 era since 1950 with just two exceptions (1955 and 2007) is currently off the schedule.

Ecclestone laid it out in a letter sent to the  Rhein-Zeitung newspaper:  Not enough spectators to raise the money FOM is demanding for a race.

Revenge for the corruption trial?  Negotiating tactic?  Not unheard of from Mr. Ecclestone yet one cannot help but think this whole squeezing of promoters in key, historic areas for racing in favor in countries where questionable governments  pony up whatever cash for a year or two, just has to stop.

Teams need to put a stop to it.

(tx to Diego Mejia)


  1. Shame on Ecclestone, he is proving to be an F1 liability and should be booted out by the Teams and everyone who loves F1.

  2. Why does CVC put up with him at this point? Don't they see that what he's doing is hurting and devaluing F1?


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