January 11, 2015

Watch sparks fly at Formula E's Buenos Aires race

(photo vis Technovortex)

I'm trying to like Formula E, I really am but it's not easy, I even tried a misleading pseudo exciting title.   The horrid tracks, the hideous sound, the lame speeds, it all just reminds me of why gas powered karts are so much better then electric ones.

However, dodgy driving during the final lap of the most recent race in Buenos Aires from  the remarkable assemblage of F1 rejects,  does provide some entertainment!


  1. F1 rejects. Haha. I feel the same about driving gas vs electric karts. Gas power in person and on tv just involve more the senses, and thus more exciting. I will say the change over to the 2nd kart mid-race is quite the spectacle.

  2. ⊥ᵒᵚ Cᵸᵎᶺᵋ⤷╨ᵒᵘSunday, January 11, 2015 1:16:00 PM

    The second half of the race was certainly exciting; I've been at more boring F1 events...

  3. Well, I was there, at the circuit and to be honest, the broadcast doesn't do any justice to the show. I saw good racing, great battles and a layout that didn't give any room for error. It's a shame that the suspensions are so fragile, having in mind that a urban track is more demanding with the car. If they race at regular tracks, the comparison with Formula 3 (not even GP2!) would be inevitable and not fair at all. F1 rejects, ok, but Buemi and Di Grassi have proved their skills at F-E and WEC

  4. I guess it was so exciting that the fans need an entire two months to recover before the next race. Like I said before. It would sound better if they put playing cards in the spokes of the wheels.

  5. I was there too. There were some great racing and even thou I miss the sound of a F1 or GT car. F3 does not sound great..

  6. "the remarkable assemblage of F1 rejects".. Hilarious!


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