January 30, 2015

The Ferrari SF15-T from the horse's mouth

There will be tons of analysis on the latest Ferrari car but I figure you might as well hear it some of it straight from those who put it together, James Allison and Maurizio Arrivabene,

The first outlines some of the technical choices made while Arrivabene highlights new long term strategies, for the team and for the direction of F1 in general.

Both quite interesting.

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  1. A nicer looking nose from last year but the two tone red over black is not as nice as nice as pure rosso corsa, it's nice to see the alfa romeo logo on board considering the important historical connection but i will miss the fiat logo as it was an important part in the companies history to keep the company going when financially the going got tough and carried it through until it could pay it's own way.


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