January 19, 2015

Darwin and Lamborghini

Just because you can afford a Lamborghini Huracan and said Italian marvel can go 200 mph it does not mean you should be doing multiple 200 mph pulls on an open public highway with an 80 mph speed limit, especially one flanked by guard rails and ditches.

This video was posted by Hungarian Police presumably as a warning.  The results of the crash are not  good,  essentially a plane crash.    Why it happened is not clear, there's a slight bend on the road but at that speed, an over heated tire or even a gust of wind might be a factor.

But it seems Darwin has failed here as I see Jalopnik's article explains how the driver and the passenger both survived!    Score one for intelligent design...of the Lambo's survival cell which survived long enough before self immolating.  

In any case, we'd recommend that:

A:  you don't just press the pedal and go 200.
B: Never, ever, ever be the filming passenger as your buddy shows off his brand new 200 mph car.

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