January 9, 2015

Dakar, 30 years ago

(Photo:Porsche AG)

You might be following the 2015 edition of the Dakar as it winds its way through the scorching high deserts of Argentina and Chile.   In 2015 you have the luxury of high definition video clips delivered via YouTube and timing information in real time.

 Dakar is now an international media event.

Thirty years ago it was quite different.  In 1984 the Paris-Algiers-Dakar race was just becoming known outside adventure rally enthusiasts circles and Porsche mounted a first manufacturer effort to conquer the deserts of West Africa.   Races were immortalized in long form documentaries.  

Dakar is still epic, no doubt, but watching Jackie Ickx trying to fix an electrical issue on his 953 with a folding knife just makes you wonder if this was not epic on a whole other level.

Like this?  Make sure you check out the amazing 1982 edition film HERE

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