December 16, 2014

Isn't a Turbo GT3 RS a GT2?

By now you have seen pictures of a presumably not disguised Porsche GT3 RS romping in the snow.

One of the questions everyone is asking is about what's under the hood (the one in the back, where suitcases DON'T go). Mules have all shown an intake just in front of the rear wheels. in the past this was only on Turbo cars including the GT2.

For this latest RS, did Porsche just add that intake for something other than intercoolers, are they just trolling everyone?  Or are we simply looking at a 991 GT2?

Perhaps this clip from a more disguised mule, earlier this summer can give an aural clue.  It's came to us billed as a GT3 RS (and yes, it's PDK).  

Can you divine what's under the hood by its sound?

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