December 6, 2014

How fast is the the Corvette Z06?

By now you've read all there is to read about the C7 Z06 and Z07,  you know that in pure cost/performance, it blows everything else out of the water.  

But how fast is it?   Well, this clip Corvette published showing a lap of Road Atlanta puts it in a context understandable to most of us tracktards.

The lap shown is 1:29.8 but at the beginning of the clip, you see the lap before was a 29.6.   Tommy Milner's talking his way through the lap, presumably he might do even better with full concentration.

NASA held it's eastern national championships at Road Atlanta ealier this year and 1:29.8 would have been good for first place in TT2 by 1 second flat.   TT2 is unlimited mods with an 8 to 1 weight to power ratio.   Those are some wicked fast time attack cars on slicks.

Need a BMW centric comparison?  Epic's Randy Mueller driver of one of the fastest BMW club racers in the country won the GT4 championship and qualified with a 1:31.9.

The Z06 with (presumably) streetable tires, sat-nav, air conditioning, built in data / video recorder and possibly even heated seats lapped sub 1:30 with a dude talking.

OK the "dude" is one of Corvette's pro drivers but still, there's just no denying the Z06 is one sick, sick car.


  1. Crickets...if this were a European or Japanese car, the comments section would be full by now...

  2. The previous post about Ferrari restoration has 0 comments. The most recent Porsche post has 0 comments. There hasn't been a Japanese centric post in a long time.

  3. Seriously. Here is a supercar people can actually afford, and they don't seem to care. Maybe they should have made it cost $200k, and people would swoon over it...
    Nuts to them! This car is wall poster worthy in any teenagers bedroom. Hell, I'm 30 and it's wall poster worthy...

  4. Well, at the same time, it's ain't cheap. It's probably over 100K if you spec it right and include dealer markup. so it's not like it's half the price of a GT3. Very impressive car none the less.

  5. No, it's not half the price of a GT3, but it's a lot faster. It's half the price of a 458 though, and still faster.

  6. I believe one of the popular car mags tested one of these and said as tested with the Z07 package it was a hair over $100K. I'd say this one is pretty close, and it's still an amazing deal for the performance you get.


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