December 1, 2014

Donuts were made: Valentino Rossi, faster than Ken Block but not as fast as Robert Kubica.

The yearly Monza Rally Show is a lot of fun: a combination rallycross and WRC special stage, it's run by repurposing various parts of the historic Monza track, including the banking.

Most of the competitors are from Italy but as it's a Monster Energy sponsored event, some big international names dropped in. Valentino Rossi, who would probably show up Monster or no Monster,  was joined by fellow energized drivers, Ken Block, NASCAR's Kurt Bush and Lewis Hamilton.  Hamilton just did a demo in a Mercedes A 45 AMG,  as a demo it was pretty lame but the crowd did not seem to mind and gave him a warm welcome.  Lewis was not the only F1 driver in attendance, Robert Kubica was also in with his current ride, a WRC Ford Fiesta.

Now the Rally Show is supposed to be more fun than competition but racers will be racers.   Both Block and Rossi made almost identical, spectacular passes for the pleasure of the huge crowd in attendance.


and KB

Many donuts were made...

It was the first time in a rally(-ish) competition for Bush so it's not surprising he came in last in class, 35th overall.   Block  came in second to last in class, 29th overall, 7 minutes and 25 seconds behind the winner.  I imagine he probably crashed or something.

Rossi finished second in class and overall,  7 minutes and 10 seconds faster than Block and he races motorcycles for a living!

But the Doctor was no match for Robert Kubica, who for once did NOT crash and pretty much obliterated the competition, finishing the final stage over 12 seconds ahead of Rossi.

It's worth remembering Kubica has lost most of the use of his right hand.

Check out the video, Rossi is quick but you can see how much more momentum Kubica carries through the switchbacks.

Well done Robert!

In attendance also historic rally cars,  clip included your viewing pleasure


  1. That was a lot of fun to watch, thanks! Any videos of them running on the old banked section? Also, forgive the probably dumb ass question: can anyone provide details on the cars?

  2. Was anyone else waiting for Rossi to clean up a Marshal at the end there?

  3. Honorable mention to Antonio Cairoli, 8 time MX World Champ in 6th. The two wheeled Italian champs made a lot of drivers look silly.

  4. A part of me is happy to see Robert racing the other part is sad because in my view Robert WAS the perfect driver for Ferrari in F1.

    A "LATIN" in heart Driver with huge speed and ability.


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