December 31, 2014

...and the 2014 Axis of Oversteer Award goes to....

Whether he's trolling Sabine Schmitz in a 991 GT3 (which did not catch on fire). or hustling a fat bastard ABT Audi RS6...

or casually ripping at Touristenfahrten in a 458 Speciale...

or terrorizing Monza tourist track days....

Or showing absolutely ZERO respect to LaFerrari's tires...

The 2014 Axis goes to our "anonymous" Italian tracktard friend who, at this point, is known worldwide....

Cheers Manu,  keep ripping in 2015!



  2. I prefer this one.

    Proper car, with more important PROPER shifter, like Sabine use.
    Proper tires and the most important... the BEST helmet style ! :D

  3. From the helmet I would say it's definitively Gijs Van Lennep

  4. How does this guy carry those huge brass plums around, a wheelbarrow?

    How do they fit in the cockpit under his thighs?


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