November 6, 2014

#TBT: Brazil 2008

Why Lewis Hamilton never forgets to send Timo Glock a Christmas card thanking him for the nice gift...


  1. Out of interest ... Was Glocks lap time fall off similar to others that gambled? Or was there a second shooter on the grassy knoll shooting his tires out?

  2. Glocks fall off was definitely a little shady and certainly suspect. Somebody somewhere got a little end of the season bonus. Ron wrote a check. Is it just me, or did anyone else hear the commentator at 13:16 refer to Nicole as Nicole "Skirtsinger"? Im a fan of the Pussycat Dolls and Nicole's skirts sing pretty nicely in my opinion.


  4. Can't have a post without AC taking YET ANOTHER swipe at Lewis.

  5. Well... some people can said that.
    What actually people forget to say is that Timo was on 34 old lap slick tires that were so worn that there was no grooves. He did only one stop and topped the fuel to get to the end.

    He was faster than his teammate Jarno Trulli by at least 3 seconds, who was also in his same strategy. Jarno and Timo were the only 2 with Slick tires.
    In the last sector was the worst part of the rain.


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