November 1, 2014

See all of Formula One's existential problems explained in a single clip.

Racing is unique in that it is, and has always been, a hybrid of sport and advertising.   Other sports are big business but racing is unique in directly marketing  products.   Some teams are born for these marketing reasons and some teams were (ill-)conceived as money making ventures.  Everyone wishes they could just be racing.

F1 is, despite widespread media efforts to tell you otherwise, at a crisis point.   All you need to know about the issues facing the series are laid out by the five team managers here with remarkable clarity and candor (OK, Toto Wolff using Ferrari and Red Bull,  as examples of excessive spending is amusing but, that's why he gets paid the big bucks by Mercedes)

What's missing, of course, are solutions but you understand why there's no easy fix.

Do you give all the teams equal money?  What would be the incentive to win.

Should the teams own the Sport? How would they come up with the money to buy it and how would they split it up.

Should there be a budget cap? How do you enforce it

Should you limit development even more? What would keep big manufacturers interested.


  1. "ve are competeetors, So if we complete with ze bottle of water or..."

    Most winning comment in this clip from Eric just about 14 minutes in, with that subtle French accent he's got.

  2. If there is such a big money gap between what F1 receives and what the teams get why not simply increase the amount of money the teams get from the revenues equally? Oh wait, I forgot Bernie runs F1. Nevermind.

  3. As the author of the note said... all have valid points.
    BUT I think I lean a little bit more of what Totto said. You are there to compete and the highest level of technology possible.

    That is why I don't like money caps. If you want impose limitations I will go with A FEW technology limitation (Aero is the most costly one).

    I don't have all the info nor I have the expertise those guys there have, that is why they are paid big buck for it... BUT maybe the cost are SO big because the huge tech limitations and to get that extra mili second you have to expend 80% of your budget in a stupid winglets that give you .010 in a corner.

    Also ... Like Nikki said.. I don't want F3 cars I want brute cars that needs to be tamed by the driver.

    NOTE: I feel for VJ.. he is actually paying his money for the team.. all the rest are employees.


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