November 17, 2014

Open Letter to Ken Block 7

We first issued this about two years ago.  Just saw Gymkhana 7, liked it but we feel we must issue this once more.

Dear Ken

Your Gymakana videos are some of the most awesome automotive footage ever filmed and what you have accomplished in terms of exposing hundreds of millions to... well, hooning, is beyond description.

But let's face it,  as fantastic as your videos have been, they are a variation on the same theme: awesomely produced shots of a monster 4WD rally car dodging assorted obstacles on a closed course.

As you are certainly planning future hooning excellence, let us humbly propose a new challenge for you:

Axis will gladly provide a polo shirt, white socks and loafers for you to properly recreate what is possibly the one video that got us all started thinking sideways:  Stefan Roser's classic RUF Yellowbird run at the Nürburgring.

Picture it,  Schwedenkreuz sideways at 140 this time in glorious multi camera HD. Maybe you could throw in a loop around a biker!

I know you have a deal with Ford, I know you have your own line of shoes and clothes but you're Ken Block, you can do anything you want at this point, will you not find a way make the most rabid of your fans happy?

Axis of Oversteer


  1. Yes you have to appreciate being completely loose at 140, on 2 lanes of blacktop.... But for me , of equal vintage , and with a touch of Je Ne Sais Quoi artistry that only the Fench can provide....I suggest this piece of circa 1990 footage paved the way for today's Ken Block

    Vive le Francais et Le Peugot

  2. I'll ask the guys over at Speed Hunters if Block will accept the challenge...

    -Chris H

  3. I watched a couple of the Macau races, including WTCC. Just don't get that circuit. There's about one legit passing opportunity once you're off the main boulevard. I appreciate street courses as a vestige of the "olden days" but frankly I'd rather see a sterile planned course that lets the drivers race without worrying about hitting the wall or feeling like they have to punt the other guy to gain a place.

  4. Mixed feelings...
    Though this even has a couple shots done on the first attempt - quite an improvement - and the fact that the AWD 'Stang is not as sucky as I'd expect - it's actually pretty awesome and so is the video, I understand the need for more "rawness". I still agree with the general premise of this and the original open letter. Why not? He could do (try) it!
    But I guess the need for maximum reach to kids of all ages, who may or may not know how to drive (regardless of having a permit or not) and maximizing the exposure of the brands paying for this extravaganza explains the why not. Also, maybe he couldn't quite do it properly, not on one take...
    In conclusion, I guess that as long as the videos don't suck as much as previous ones and he keeps bringing hooning to the masses, I can live with the Block-Jymkhana style. Block scored well here. Very well.

  5. a lot crazier in a street car and no helmet...

  6. Oh, for sure it makes no sense at all, maybe 60 years ago but not today. But, the same could be said of Monaco

  7. Le-sigh. Pikes Peak what have they done to you?

  8. Funny this thread started right after Bernie flipped the bird at the youth of today .... Because my 17 year was raised on Ken Block, Need for Speed, and Fast and furious .... So any car race or event that doesn't involve drifting or max oversteer isn't worth his time.... But he spends every nickel he earns on car parts, coils, exhaust, etc .... So no question F1 will age
    And likely die with our demographic... And Rolex's are part of the establishment, clearly of no value to Gen y

  9. So true, it's not even close to the same race anymore.

  10. You sure notice the RUF does not have a very round steering wheel.


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