November 22, 2014

I am the decider!

Tomorrow's race might just be a boring fizzle:  Rosberg could easily win and Hamilton settle for second and take home the Championship.   Double Yawn.

But funny things happen on the way to a Championship,  Hamilton has already won it, deservedly so, but he's also in the unenviable position to let it slip through his fingers.

Pass the popcorn, maybe Felipe Massa will pass Hamilton for second on the final corner on Sunday.

Our friend Raphael Orlove asked about famous title deciders past so here is a primer courtesy the BBC and the Murray Walker


  1. Thanks! great video. It did bring up memories!

    I would love see Massa plays Timo's role but it's going to be an easy drive for HAM, he only needs to Nurse the car.
    The Merc is almost one sec faster in racing trim than the rest of the field.

  2. Yes, I think that's the most likely scenario. Lewis would be stupid to try anything else.

  3. Well, it's the only theory that makes sense. Alonso is hoping Hamilton loses and has a fit, decides to leave. If you think about it, if Hamilton has to renew with MB after NOT winning the championship, he has very little leverage but he would have a lot of leverage with Mclaren-Honda.

  4. While a Hamilton fan, you folks do a good job of pointing out , his record under pressure is not good ..... Nico is doing a good psych job as well of late

    My fear is another 2007 where Ham imploded, but even 2008 was a gong show.... BUT for those not enamoured with Ham , I suggest there is plenty of drama ahead , certainly not a done deal

  5. I do agree is not a done deal.. but shouldn't be any drama.
    The only risks that he needs to manage are the other drivers.
    If he has a mechanical failure I don't think you can blame him.

    If I'm ROS I would drive as slow as possible to keep HAM in my back and at the same time "loosing" time to get BOT or MAS a chance.

  6. Well said! Lewis should listen to Rihanna instead of Nicole.

  7. Well not the race I was expecting, but think he deserved the title on merit .
    That said, Rosberg deserved a better fate, and you wish Ham had his class and maturity.....

    Lauda's comments on Spa were pretty black and white.... Althoigh glad he mentioned Hungary .... But confirm team opinion...and Ros drop off

    Hope Ros gets a good car in 2015. Maybe he quits in frustration .... Then Alonso vs Ham V2 in a German team !!

  8. It seems it´s a done deal.

    Spain´s king reveals Alonso telling him he is going to Mclaren...

  9. That's funny you said this since Massa did get pretty close to passing Ham in those last laps...had Nico kept up it would have been interesting.

  10. So what now ? Since we last tuned into this thread , Lewis did win , but still no contract extension

    Vettel has confirmed as Ferrari driver for 2015

    Mclaren Honda test was about as successful as Lotus last Feb...not confidence inspiring for winning a WC

    If I'm Alonso , a year off might be good unless McHonda can turn the ship around
    From a test bench


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