November 20, 2014

Bye Fred, Seb in Red

Ferrari officially confirm 2015 driver lineup.

Vettel drove a classic Ferrari at the red Bull Ring this past summer

It's the official start of a new cycle for the Scuderia with Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen.  That Vettel was a long term, post Alonso target for Ferrari was something that had been whispered for quite some time but nobody thought it would happen in 2015.

There is yet to be an official announcement for Alonso's future.

Maranello, 20 November 2014 – Scuderia Ferrari announces that it has reached an agreement of three years duration with Sebastian Vettel, who will drive for the team as from the 2015 season.

The driver line-up next season will consist of Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel.

“Scuderia Ferrari has decided to put its faith in the youngest multiple champion in the history of Formula 1” – commented Scuderia Ferrari Team Principal, Marco Mattiacci. “In Formula 1 terms, Sebastian Vettel is a unique combination of youthfulness and experience and he brings with him that sense of team spirit which will prove invaluable when, together with Kimi, they tackle the challenges awaiting us, as we aim to be front runners again as soon as possible. With Sebastian, we all share a thirst for victory as well as enthusiasm, a strong work ethic and tenacity; key elements for all the Scuderia members to write a new chapter in the history of Ferrari.”

“The next stage of my Formula 1 career will be spent with Scuderia Ferrari and for me that means the dream of a lifetime has come true,” said Sebastian Vettel. “When I was a kid, Michael Schumacher in the red car was my greatest idol and now it’s an incredible honour to finally get the chance to drive a Ferrari. I already got a small taste of what the Ferrari spirit means, when I took my first win at Monza in 2008, with an engine from the Prancing Horse built in Maranello. The Scuderia has a great tradition in this sport and I am extremely motivated to help the team get back to the top. I will put my heart and soul into making it happen.”


  1. So what's up with Alonso? Is he waiting to see how Honda testing goes before finalizing his plans? And if Honda is behind the 8 ball, then what? Sits a year?


  2. I'm not sure what what to think of Alonso's plans. What could be holding up negotiations? My money would be on that fact that Alonso probably wants a "No-Ron" clause in his new McLaren contract. Much the same way Michael Corleone laid down the ground rules to his brother Fredo in The Godfather Part II. Because he chose sides against the family, Fredo got black balled from all Corleone endeavors. Alonso wants the "Fredo" clause in his contract. Alonso wants Ron blackballed, and blueballed, from having any involvement in the F1 team. Ron needs to stay back at the McLaren Paragon factory and help Frank Stephenson to keep destroying the McLaren brand with those silly nonsensical car designs of his.

    Seb's my guy, and I wish him the best of luck at Ferrari. He's gonna need it. It's a shame Schumi isn't around to give him some counsel. One things for sure, for any team if you are a World Champion they will remember you next year, but if you become a World Champion in a Ferrari they will remember you forever.

    It'll be good to put 2014 in the books this weekend. What a horrible year. With the stupid cars designs, these wimpy engines, Jules accident, and the double points fiasco it'll be good to get this year over with. Bring on 2015.

  3. I remain hopeful that Alonso's deal with McLaren will falter and we get to see the back of 'The Prima Donna' for a season or more.

  4. I suspect the hold up is on the Honda/Sponsor side. Button has a huge Japanese following and it's Honda footing the wage bill, I wonder if its contingent on some market testing or board approval.

    Ron and Alonso have worked together in the past and it was Alonso that broke the deal after Ron (quite rightly) refused to be blackmailed by him and took a record breaking fine instead. In short they know each others boundaries and respect each other's talent.

    From Alonso's perspective he has no where else to go at front of the grid - no one else wants or has need of his services.

    If you didn't enjoy this season of F1 then you must not have been watching the same classic season of racing that I have.

    Horrifying as Jules accident was these things do happen, and double points is really no big deal! I did the math and between 2000 and last year double points in the finale would have changed only three results and those results were all squeakers that could have gone either way in any case.

  5. Sits a year or leaves for another series - IndyCar would give their right arm for all the Spanish fans and sponsors he would bring with him.

    The only other thing that I can think is that he buys into HAAS F1 as an owner/driver, races for them overseas and then comes back in 2016, but since they're going to be a Ferrari B team that's unlikely.


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