October 16, 2014

Sliding a priceless C-Type through Monaco, is it better not to see?

You don't look over a C-Type steering wheel, you see through it

When I saw this clip of Alex Buncombe sliding the JD Classics Jaguar C-Type, I  went back to check my pictures from this year's Monaco Historic Grand Prix.

As the often priceless machinery ripped around Massenet and onto Casino, I was taking pictures from the inside of the square and I remembered wondering how in the world Alex could see anything over that gigantic, school bus sized steering wheel.

As it turns out, he's just the right size and seated low enough in the car that he was watching those monegasque guard rails THROUGH the steering wheel!

Check it out.

Buncombe led that race flag to flag after putting the bronze Jaguar on pole, The C-Type is one of 55 ever made and is no garage queen despite being worth many millions.  Originally driven by Juan Manuel Fangio it had just done the historic Mille Miglia earlier this year, driven by Buncombe and Chris Harris.

Buncombe made it look easy and  fun around Monaco but remember these cars have crappy tires and , by modern standards, no brakes.

Check out what vintage braking points look like.


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