October 18, 2014

Hooning LaFerrari

You remember of course all those Enzo and FXX track videos we first posted here on Axis and subsequently spread to the whole internet,  right?

Well, or favorite Italian hypercar hooner has recently upgraded.  Gone is the black Enzo and the Black FXX with the Italian colors on the spoiler and in comes a badass Black LaFerrari.

You may find the name ludicrous but so is the power of this beast. Not too many owners will have the will and the skill to vaporize those 345 rear tires using every one of this 960 HP in a way that will make Chris Harris green with envy.  Felipe Massa maybe.

Please note the speed this car picks up speed going sideways and imagine what it must be under full traction.  


1 comment:

  1. Really close to loose it at the end.
    Still looks like the guy has skills.

    PD: damn that name... it even sound worse for me that speak spanish.


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