October 9, 2014


".. the best thing about driving a touring car verses a single seater.. is that you can rub"
Joey Hand

And that right there is the essence of tin top racing, it's a contact sport.

Tim and Nick Hahne of StereoScreen are super talented filmmakers, we've been fans for years    Their latest film for BMW looks to be the juiciest yet,  the history of BMW Touring cars.

Unfortunately Touring cars, especially in DTM,  are now almost as complicated as F1 cars and most touring car series racers  have little in common with their street going namesakes. Aero and great tires have largely eliminated the early turn in, curb smashing heroics of 20 years ago  celebrated in this film.

Still, tin tops offer great action because, well...because fenders!

"you could smell the rubber, that was real racing"
Hans Stuck

Coming in November 2014.

( tx Stig! )

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