July 15, 2014

Sexy Beast: The only original Ferrari P4 on track.

Nobody can touch Petrolicious for video productions, they are now the cream of the crop. Want proof? This piece about the only all original 1967 Ferrari P4.

This unique masterpiece is owned by Lawrence Stroll, a Canadian Ferrari collector with a long connection to Maranello, Tommy Hilfiger, one of Stroll's companies, used to be an official sponsor of the Scuderia. His son Lance (16) has been part of the Ferrari Academy for a few years now and making his way up the development ladder.

A beautiful car, tastefully shot.  Nick Longhi is a very lucky gentleman!


  1. Back in the late '70's I had the opportunity to ride in a '74 RSR driven by John Thomas at Ontario Motor Speedway. I still recall the sensations of those fat rear tires biting the asphalt as John flogged it through the infield.
    To this day, my favorite Porsche!


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