July 17, 2014

No Cup for you!

FIFA have succeeded in the impossible: making F1 rights management seem warm and fuzzy.

Nico Rosberg had a special helmet made celebrating Germany's win in the world cup last week.  He was going to wear it this week end at the German Grand Prix.  

Rosberg management received a letter from FIFA warning the helmet was in violation of copyright because it depicted the World Cup trophy.  

A quick search of Amazon shows you can purchase replicas for as little as $3.95 but the sticker on top of Nico's head was apparently too much for FIFA and the design had to be changed, the cup replaced by stars.  Those are still copyright free apparently.

Rosberg's team should send FIFA a bill for the extra  exposure the cup has gotten in the last week.


  1. Is it just me or has Rosberg become exceptionally proud of his German heritage since Hamilton's comments a couple weeks ago?

  2. So FIFA would rather support athletes who flop, dive, and bite---but not a man risking life and limb?


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