July 31, 2014

2014 Hungarian GP Executive Summary

(Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images) 

Not your typical F1 race because of rain and safety cars but it was very entertaining.

Want to have a go at rating the drivers this time?


  1. What. A. Race.

    What a driver Ricciardo shaped up to be....Im a fan of his now. I always liekd him and his attitude of just absolutely LOVIGN it....but he demonstrted mastery this weekend...real mastery.

    Its grea to see in sport when an athlete just hits that zoen where its all so easy for them..liek Pete Sampras, Tiger...

    Put RIcciardo in eh right car, no ones going to stop him.

    Im a Lewis fan by the way (if I HAD to pick one driver anyway), and want nothing more than to see him on the top step at the end of the year....but once thats out of the way, Ill be backing Ricciardo for multiple WC. Hopefully with a proper team though. (];-)

    Great job on these summaries by the way..

  2. I think "Lucky Lewis" would have sufficed.

  3. I wish someone could explain why the RB10 is so amazing on low fuel loads compared to everyone else. They seem to come alive in the last fifth of the race.


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